Feeling at home within yourself

For me it’s possible to live as a fulltime housesitter because I am at home with myself. It makes me feel a deep inner trust, so I’m able to make choices from my heart. Do you dare to trust what your heart is whispering to you?

Experiencing three major losses in the past twenty years made me turn my life upside down. If everything will always keep changing, what do you stick to? I began my search for truth and… found home within myself.

Since then I have shared my experience by speaking and writing. Watch my TEDx-talk on how I live with dedication and celebrate both  painful and beautiful events.

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Iris Schlagwein at TEDx OTHRegensburg
'I had no home for a year, this is how I came by'

Iris Schlagwein

writer, lifecoach & inspirational speaker

Born in 1986, I already obtained all kinds of diplomas at the school of life. The courses I have followed so far include: Dealing with physical pain, Grief processing, Finding Purpose I and II, Physical education, Friends & Relationships and Increasing Self-love.

I help others find inner peace, through writing about my own experiences and through (online) coaching and public speaking. 

You were born with wings.
You are not meant for crawling, so don’t.
You have wings. Learn to use them and fly.
– Rumi

Let go of what is holding you back

Why would you stick to something that doesn’t give you energy? 
A free life without unnecessary ballast is achievable for everyone. But in the meantime we keep ourselves trapped by all kinds of fears, doubts and what we think society expects of us.

The more you let go, the more you come home to yourself. To your true desires. I listen to my heart, don’t worry too much and get the best surprises every day.

I don't have a house...

Since April 2016 I am a modern nomad. As a housesitter I live in the house of someone who is on vacation. I am free to make choices that are inspired by my heart. This didn’t happen just like that: in a nine-year period I gradually let go of more and more expectations, concepts and belongings.

I actively searched for what blocked me and started working on it. Through bodywork and meditation, I let go of old patterns and limiting beliefs. 


...and I practice what I preach

My personal and spiritual transformation was further enhanced by participation in The School for the Work (2017) by Byron Katie. I practice what I preach: I regularly initiate major changes if I feel that my old plan no longer fits. This is possible because of my strong confidence that life will provide exactly what I need. 

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