Iris Schlagwein

writer, lifecoach & inspirational speaker

Born in 1986, I already obtained all kinds of diplomas at the school of life. The courses I have followed so far include: Dealing with physical pain, Grief processing, Finding Purpose I and II, Physical education, Friends & Relationships and Increasing Self-love.

I help others find inner peace, through writing about my own experiences and through (online) coaching and public speaking. 

Listen to your inner voice...

From my own life experience and connection with All-that-is, I write about my search for inner freedom. Which is not only my search, but that of many others.

I write about the interpretation of your precious time in the here and now. About making effortless choices when you surrender to life. About the ‘voice in your head’ and your inner voice, that always speaks your truth.

... and discover what you want from life

Again and again I make choices from a feeling of trust and love. As a lifecoach, I want you to experience that too.

I help you to open your heart. So that you can start listening to your heart and trusting your feelings. In the space that arises you will find out where relaxation is desired, what your deeper desires are and what you want from life.

You were born with wings.
You are not meant for crawling, so don’t.
You have wings. Learn to use them and fly.
– Rumi

The question is...

Why would you stick to something that doesn’t give you energy?

A free life without unnecessary ballast is achievable for everyone. But in the meantime we keep ourselves trapped by all kinds of fears, doubts and what we think society expects of us.

The more you let go, the more you come home to yourself. To your true desires. I live from my heart, don’t worry too much and get the best surprises every day.

I don't have a house

Since April 2016 I am a modern nomad. As a housesitter I live in the house of someone who is on vacation. I am free to make choices that are inspired by my heart. This didn’t happen just like that: in a nine-year period I gradually let go of more and more expectations, concepts and belongings. 

Thinking versus feeling

I actively searched for what blocked me and started working on it. Through energy work and various training courses in consciousness growth, I let go of old patterns and limiting beliefs. 

From someone who lived completely out of reason and had built high walls around me, I changed into an open, sensitive woman. This personal and spiritual transformation was further enhanced by participation in The School for the Work (2017) by Byron Katie and various ceremonies with sacred plant medicines. 

I practice what I preach: I regularly initiate major changes if I feel that my old plan no longer fits. This is possible because of my strong confidence that life will give me exactly what I need. 

Work with me

You got inspired and you are interested in working with me? Let’s get in contact

What others say about me:

Lovingly, Iris leaves me no chance to apologize, and confronts me with my points of development. She does this partly on the basis of knowledge, but especially through examples from her own experience, in which she can tell in a very concrete, visual and humorous way. She has a right to speak and is therefore an inspiration to me. After not even a whole day of conversations and activities focused on giving meaning, or as she calls it, coming home to yourself, I have a clear 'to-do' list and my self-confidence has grown that I will succeed. It is the best coaching session I have ever enjoyed, I recommend it to everyone.

Gijs, Wageningen

Iris guided me by asking critical questions and offering a safe (non-judgmental) environment. I have been able to look at another side of myself, which has given me more confidence that things are going the way they should be. A very valuable process that helped to choose a new path. The warm and humorous guidance from Iris has given me a lot of support.

Marenne, Veldhoven

Iris takes you on a journey ... on a journey to your heart. Through her own story she knows how to inspire in a unique way. Her non-verbal communication skills, vibrant personality and speaking skills make this workshop interesting, constructive and very interactive. Dare to let go of your false certainty. Listen to the adventures of this modern nomad. The wisdom and joy that this lifestyle has brought her will give you inspiration & guts.

Anne Marie, Den Haag

Her book caused a revelation. The frank and pure writing style is disarming, confronting and provides a lot of recognition. Coming home to yourself... I thought I would mainly read about the adventure that led to a minimalistic lifestyle, but I was overwhelmed by her pure emotions and development. And also by the moments of insight and brave steps to change, breaking free from the heavy anchors.

Jan van Iperen, Washington DC

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