Do you want to break FREE?

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Feel the courage to speak your truth

You don't want to adjust to the (sometimes quite strange?) way of how 'society' expects you to live your life.

Feel trust & confidence to...

Be unapologetically yourself, even if your parents or other people don't understand you. Feel peaceful, loving and energetic in every situation.

Sparkle & shine every day

Break free from everything that keeps you from living from your heart – find freedom within yourself. 

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Break FREE Toolkit

You’ll learn practical tools how to increase the feeling of inner freedom in your daily life. Explore what freedom is to you. In the Break FREE Toolkit you’ll find:

1. Worksheet to get clarity

Start with a critical look on your current situation. 

2. Essential model of routine vs. freedom

It shows in a very simple way what’s the solution for your situation.

3. Guided meditation

Meditate to experience more confindence and connection. 

4. Take action with this list of personal tips and tricks

Books and video’s on how to reach your goal.



“Very impressive… to see how you keep opening yourself up to learn new things, to come even closer to yourself, even when that becomes uncomfortable.”


“I am very touched by your life. Every time I think about whether I still need an item, I think of you. My day will come, then I will free myself. Thank you.”


“You inspired me again. You radiate so strongly that it must shine on others. It feels lighter immediately.”


“So much respect for your way of life and how you handle things. I like to read your pieces and find it inspiring. Keep up the good work!”

writer, TEDx-speaker and lifecoach Iris is your guide

Iris is a modern nomad: as a housesitter she experiences lots of freedom. She shares how she found inner peace.

"Embrace loss as part of life and break free from fear"

Today is the day: break FREE

Why would you stick to something that doesn’t give you energy?

Discover the insights that lead to inner freedom, the moment you start to integrate them. Let go of limiting beliefs and high expectations from yourself or from society, so you can break free from everything that keeps you from living from your heart.

Break FREE and as a result you’ll feel lighter and more connected to your true feelings. 


Discover which tool works best for you

And start making different choices today. Choices that will lead you to the life you want.

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