How I embrace loss as a professional house sitter - Iris Schlagwein
embrace loss

How I embrace loss as a professional house sitter


The Corrie Lo Show with Corrie LoGiudice

Corrie LoGiudice is a New York based speaker and lifecoach. She teaches people how to harness their emotions and lead more fulfilling lives. By wellness practices and utilizing mindfulness, spirituality, creative expression, Reiki, NPL and EFT. She is a single mom, a survivor of miscarriage, divorce, abuse, & suicide-loss.

Embrace loss

Corrie and I connected a few months ago via Instagram. Embrace loss? We found eachother in our shared vision on dealing with losing people, concepts and possessions. Explore her inspiring stories at

About this episode

“People carry their grief in a lot of different ways. However, today’s Corrie Lo Show guest Iris chose a completely different approach. Following the death of her father, she decided she no longer wanted to carry ANYTHING. She is now living a minimalistic lifestyle as a sought after professional house sitter.”

By the end of today’s episode, you’ll learn how you can make home wherever you are, because you’ll realize… you are your home.

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embrace loss

Episode Highlights

  • Iris shares her experience growing up with a father who had heart disease (:40)
  • Corrie shares a moment she shared with her son regarding her grief surrounding the anniversary of her late boyfriend’s passing. (6:13)
  • Iris shares how the death of her father when she was a teenage impacted her. (9:06)
  • Iris shares how carrying her grief with no outlet broke her back because she didn’t know how to let it go. (13:39).
  • Iris shares how in her healing following her injury that she started to live a more minimalist lifestyle (17:12)
  • Iris describes how she started to pare everything down in her life from friendships to content, to possessions based on her energy. (19:04)
  • Iris explains the key to embracing a minimalist lifestyle, which is embracing loss as an inevitable part of life (24:20).
  • Corrie describes the moment she realized all the losses she had suffered leading up to the loss of her late boyfriend actually prepared her to heal from that loss quicker (27:29)
  • Iris discusses how by dropping fear of the unknown, you find comfort in knowing no matter what you’ll always be taken care of (29:25)
  • Iris shares her pivotal moment knowing she wasn’t living the life she wanted and how she walked away from it (31:10).
  • She talks about how she inadvertently became a professional housesitter (32:33)
  • Corrie makes mention of Iris’s recent Ted Talk and her experience with public speaking (39:04)
  • Iris shares her secret to being able to live anywhere and survive any challenge life throws at you (40:01)

embrace loss


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